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All you Need to Know About Dermal Skin Treatment

We should all be concerned with how our skin looks and it is very easy for spots to form and many people suffer with ugly looking spider veins in the face. Intense Pulse Light treatment (IPL) is a revolutionary new skin treatment that can resolve many dermal issues that we might encounter, and in this article, we will take a look at some on the conditions that IPL and other dermal treatments can treat.

  1. IPL Hair Removal – This is a non-invasive and non-surgical way to say goodbye to unwanted hair and it works by firing an intense pulse light at the target area and this severely damages the hair follicles, which can no longer regenerate. You would likely need anything from 4-12 treatments to complete the program, then you will never have to worry about hair growing again. If you are looking for IPL in Perth, a Google search will help you find a nearby clinic.
  1. IPL Skin Rejuvenation – This is a non-invasive method that treats numerous skin problems, which include spots, blemishes and lesions. The treatment works by directing specific light at the target area and that affects the melanin, which then makes the skin lighter. Spider veins on facial skin can also be successfully treated by IPL sessions, and you might be anything from 4-10 sessions to complete the treatment.
  1. Microhydrabration – When combined with a glycolic peel and a vitamin infusion, microhdrabrasion boosts skin exfoliation of the upper layers of skin, plus it also encourages collagen production, which only has positive benefits for your skin. This treatment is suitable for acne, acne scarring and sun damaged skin, and the glycolic peel really does deep clean the skin, removing dirt from the pores.
  2. Electrolysis – This is a permanent way to remove unwanted hair, and unlike IPL hair removal, electrolysis can remove blonde, red and grey hairs. The treatment involves inserting a special needle into the target area of the skin, through which small current is passed and that kills the hair follicles, but does not damage the skin.
  3. Diathermy Treatment – Diathermy is used to treat skin tags, threaded veins and red veins on the face, with short-wave minute electrical currents through a needle that is inserted just under the skin. If you are looking to remove tin red veins from your face, 3-6 treatments is normally what is required and you would see a noticeable difference after the first session.
  4. Chemical Peels – We all know that peels and face masks deep cleanse our skin by removing deep dirt from our pores, by using low-strength lactic acid that boosts new skin growth. The treatment changes the pH level of the skin, which, in turn, triggers the release of skin growth hormones.

If you have any skin issues, get in touch with a dermal clinic that would offer all the above treatments, plus a few more and with regular sessions and the right post-treatment action, your skin will always have a healthy glow and those ugly lesions will no longer present a problem.

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